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Dawn's Quotes:

"Oh, no! My bike!! It's extra crispy!!" (after Pikachu accidentally destroyed her bike)

"A left...and then a right. Or is it a right and then a left? Hmm...maybe the postcard's upside down."

"No need to worry, right?"

"YOU THINK YOU'RE FUNNY, DON'T YA?! LISTEN, MISTER...YOU SPOILED, COLD-HEARTED BRAT! APOLOGIZE!" (Dawn screaming at Paul after he didn't remember her)
Dawn's A Digi Girl In The DigiWorld...~!Collapse )


Probably another virus, Dawn...!

It's bad enough I had a dream that I can't even remember, but now I'm sick when I just wanted to get you your super-belated present...?

Hey, it's okay Dawn; no need to worry! It'll pass after a week or so.


I've come to a decision, and it wasn't an easy one to make. I love everyone here, and I may not know all of you personally but you've all taken the time to treat me, Piplup & Goma like a real member of your family...!

But I think I need to find my own Coordinator's path...everyone here has powers, or some kind of special magic, or...even if they don't have powers, they can still defend themselves...!

I can't depend on all of my Pokemon anymore, and Goma's powerless if there isn't any water around...!

So, bright and early tomorrow morning I'm gonna...I'm gonna have to leave the Hinata Inn...! I'll still work at the restaurant, but...for now I'll see if my place can be rented out to someone else...

No need to worry...I'll be j-just fine...!
Konataaaaaaaaaa~ ♥ HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Getting something like a present ready took me quite a few days, and some help from Tamers who can actually make gifts like this...but I really hope you like it!

(Attached: A cheerleading outfit that looks very much like Dawn's, but fitted for Konata.)

Let me know if there needs to be any changes made, okay~?

I have no idea who that girl is who showed up today, and I'm pretty sure I can't explain it but...

Please don't give up on me just because of this...!

Piplup, Goma...can you two reach my D-Comm and try to contact any of my friends here? I can't reach it...even though I really, really want to!

Piplup Pip?

Something wrong, Dawn?

Yes...! I might've made a mistake when I came over after my shift ended to see how Misty-chan...Kasumi!...is doing! We talked for quite a long time, ate some pretty awesome food and just now...when she hugged me...

I think she froze or something, and now I can't move!


...Who do you need us to talk to, Dawn?

Anyone who can figure out how to free two Tamers who are hugging...while one of them is frozen! And then, I'll probably need to talk with Cynthia when it comes to both of us watching out for Kasumi while she's like this!

No need for us to talk to anyone, Dawn...I think the majority of Tamers who are here, and not just your friends, probably heard you!


(Audio clicks off)
Dawn...is that what you've been talking about for the past few months?

Hmm...? Yeah Goma, it is. It's the Ribbon my mom first gave me the day I started my journey...I wonder what she would think of me now, if I told her everything that I've gone through...!

Pip...LUP, LUP, LUP!

(sounds of popping is heard as Dawn is hit by a number of bubbles; she was blasted with a Bubblebeam attack.)


I think, regardless of what you've experienced since you came here, that your mom would be very proud of you Dawn-you've tried to help out your new friends, and supported your old friends in whatever they aspired to do. And speaking of old friends...I think you know what your mom would say.

...She would say that I should treasure what I have while figuring out another path to take...! (giggles) She'd also say that every time I say 'no need to worry,' that's when she worries the most! Ash said the same thing, but that was totally different!

So...what would you say to her if she was here?

...Thank you mom-for believing in me and supporting me! I'll do my best to make you proud of me in the Digital World! And so will Piplup~!

Piplup Pip~!
Misty...! There's something I gotta talk with you about, and I know it's really late but I just can't wait! Think I can stop by Axoryi for a little while? I promise I won't keep you up too long...

Zoey...! I know you gave me these two tickets to Marine Angemon's Love Eatery for my birthday, but...I was wondering if you wanted to go there with me tomorrow evening for dinner...! It'll be just you and me, okay?

I'm leaving Piplup & Goma with a friend at the Inn, and if you're okay with it BlackLeormon could just stay at the Bakery...!

(OOC: First set of strikes with larger text are seen by Kasumi/Misty. Second set of strikes with smaller text are seen by Zoey.)
Okay...now that I finally have some time to spare, I'm taking care of something I should've done yesterday if I hadn't worked overtime at the Restaurant!

A huge thank you goes out to Ash, Misty, Zoey, Yuka, Irma, Karin, Negi, Asuna, James, and to everyone else who gave me presents for my birthday or even to those who couldn't give me presents even though they wanted to. You're all my nakama, and there's no need to worry about anything that's thrown our way~

Karin...there's something we should talk about, and Negi shouldn't be around when we talk about this.

(OOC: First strike viewed by James. Second strike viewed only by Little!Karin.)
...Okay! Is this thing on?

Piplup, Pip? Piplup, piplup!

I was just kidding, Piplup; no need to start something over the airwaves! So, as I was saying: to any and all Tamers who know a young Coordinator by the name of Dawn-start figuring out what to get her, 'cause her birthday's coming up in about...3 days! 4 if you add today, but since today's come and gone that really shouldn't make any sense.


This isn't a ploy of any kind to get my Tamer hooked up with anyone-though CERTAIN people should try and remember how important they are to Dawn as her special day approaches. The day after Dawn's birthday is her 2 year anniversary that revolves around her and Piplup's journey together, but that's not nearly as important...!

PIP...LUP, LUP, LUP! (Gomamon screams as she's blasted away from the D-Comm by an unexpected Bubblebeam attack.)

Piplup! Gomaaaaaaa! Where are you guys at? Any of you seen my D-Comm anywhere?

Pip...! (Audio is cut.)

(OOC: Regular text is Gomamon, Italics would be Piplup and smaller text is Dawn.)
...! (an unexpected, though somewhat loud, scream is heard)

Dawn?! What's wrong...WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU?!!

That's what I would like to know! I got something to eat a while ago, and before I knew it...I look like I used to back in Kindergarten!



Don't stand there looking at me like that; we've gotta get me some clothes that will fit! Mine are...mine are way too big for me to wear right now!

(OOC: Happens sometime after this takes place.)
Daaaaaawn...! Time to wake up!

(light groaning is heard as Dawn sits up...then a loud scream is heard as Dawn has glanced at herself in the mirror)

April Fool's, Dawn!Collapse )

HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN TO ME?!! I haven't been able to summon Pachirisu in months since I got here! PIPLUP - BUBBLEBEAM!

(gasps when she realizes Piplup isn't nearby; muffled sounds of Piplup's angry protests are heard-Goma placed him in the closet so he wouldn't be able to help Dawn out.)

I can't go to work looking like this...! I'M TAKING THE DAY OFF! (didn't even notice Goma clicking off her D-Comm)

(OOC: Frontdated to around 7:30 AM.)
Dawn...? It's really late; shouldn't you be turning in?

I will Goma...this is it, you know? My last night as an older woman. Sometime tomorrow, I'll be me again.

(sound of Piplup breathing in and out; he's asleep against Dawn's chest.)

Though, to be honest? I'll kinda miss it.

Seriously, Dawn? You caused more accidents on the job this past week than you did any other time!

But I didn't do anything; everyone else had stopped what they were doing, and that's how the accidents occurred!

Yeah, yeah...I know a certain Digimon who would disagree with you on that one-! (muffled exclamations is heard as Dawn covers Goma with her hat)

That really helps out just as much as it would if I was younger~!
Alright, Dawn...! You're looking real good in these clothes you picked out earlier.

Thanks Goma, but I really don't need to have this much attention drawn to myself right now; please keep your voice down!

But if you didn't want this much attention, you shouldn't have eaten one of Negi's candies! Speaking of which...this is a golden opportunity!


Okay now...say 'Grand Festival!'

What...?! GOMA, NO!! (CLICK!) Goma, give that back right now!

Of course I will, Dawn; just give me a few seconds...AAAHHHH! (she's attacked by a protective Piplup; the audio clicks off.)

(Attached: a picture of what Dawn currently looks like at age 19.)
Zoey...? Can we talk...? It's really important!
...Piplup?! Lup, piplup-piplup, pip piplup!

...What are you doing, Piplup?! It's only...7:00 IN THE MORNING?!! I'm going back to sleep-! (is suddenly knocked out of Dawn's bed by unexpected BubbleBeam)

PIPLUP! Piplup pip, piplup! Lup piplup...!

I can see that Dawn's tossing and turning, but what does that have to do with you blasting me out of bed and...!

(loud scream is heard as Dawn sits upright)

...What was that about?! (blinks as Piplup suddenly hugs her without warning, hugs him back)

What was what about? Did you just have a nightmare?

Yes, I did...! I can't even mention what it was about, but...the person who was in the nightmare besides me...it wasn't Zoey!

Say WHAT?!!

(audio clicks off)

(OOC: Frontdated to 7:00 AM March 4th.)
Alright! A few days ago, we had to deal with an unexpected invasion force, I had to deal with not getting my hair done, and now we have to deal with whatever happened to that ship that crash-landed in our hot springs!

Dawn, it's gonna be okay...!

No it's not, Goma! I think I know who was behind that ship, but first...!
So-anyone who was on that ship before it crashed: did you see anyone suspicious-looking in the pilot's seat, a guy with blueish hair and an R on his shirt? He might've had some kind of Digimon with him, too!

Piplup, piplup! Lup, piplup!

You tell 'em, Piplup! No need to worry if you didn't see anything-ANY kind of information will be useful right now! 'Cause when I run into the guy responsible for making this thing...you REALLY don't wanna know what I'll do to them!
Piplup, Pip? Piplup, Piplup!

Okay...having barely avoided the catastrophe that was the last virus, though I'll always wonder who I might've been had I turned human, I think I understood what the penquin said-why are you up on the roof, Dawn? It's way past your bedtime!

...No reason, Goma! I'm just up here to look at the stars and think a bit!



...(audible, light crying is heard seconds later) About why I can't be happy like Ash is! He told me the last time we talked that it's nearly been a year since he met his girlfriend and they're doing fantastic together!

Oh, Dawn...! It's like you've been saying to pretty much everyone-no need to worry! There's someone out there for you who'll make you just as happy as Ash is!

Piplup, Pip! Lup, Piplup!

What Piplup said! Come on...it's pretty cold, so let's head back to our room and get some sleep.

But...but it's nearly been three months since I told Zoey how I felt and I've tried to be patient about it...I really have; I even sent my mistletoe to Colette so it would quit bugging me! Maybe I should just...!

STOP RIGHT THERE! Don't even think about finishing that sentence, or I'll find that one Team Rocket guy and bring him here! I don't know how I'd do it, but I'll do it somehow! Is he even considered a bad guy?

Lup, Piplup! (Piplup shakes his head; no way is James considered bad, to say nothing of being hostile!)

...Thank you, Piplup! You too, Goma! (Dawn tearfully hugs them both tightly)
...I thought the whole point of going to hot springs was to relax and forget about your problems, not have to worry about weird, perverted boys spying on you for...nearly a week!

This NEVER would've happened at Leona's hot springs! Thanks for going with me, Piplup...!


...I take it your attempt to relax at the hot springs wasn't everything you hoped it was, Dawn?

Of course not, Goma...! It was the complete opposite!

ASH KETCHUM!! You'd BETTER not be doing this kind of weird stuff like that perverted guy who Piplup left twitching on the floor of the hot springs! I wouldn't put it past Brock, though...!

You gotta help me out, please? Ever since yesterday I haven't been able to get THIS outta my head! I was barely able to concentrate earlier today at work!

(Attached: Picture of James & Palmon in their disguises as women as mentioned in his last entry)

So, why did you wait until the next day...practically nighttime...before going to Zoey?

'Cause I didn't wanna bother her with something like this, Goma! At least not when I thought I could take care of it...
Alright, you two-now that Christmas is a memorable time of the past, we should try and get ready for the New Year!

Piplup, Pip!

So...do you know
who you're gonna spend it with?

Well...I thought I'd spend it with you two and my friends! Hopefully they don't have any plans...! That means we've gotta get the two of you ready to look your best for New Year's Eve so you'll both celebrate with everyone when the clock strikes midnight! No need to worry, Goma-just leave everything to Piplup and me!

Piplup! ^^

I can hardly wait...!

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